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light up a life

Every year, Agrace Hospice highlights a family in their end of year campaign. This year, they asked me to share our story and I said yes. As sad as it is, I love our story. Because it is ours and it says so much about us. Every time I talk about it, it gets easier. I think it’s silly when people tell me it must be so hard to talk about our experience or about Greg. No, it’s not hard. It’s exactly what I need. So to anyone who will listen, I will talk. If you ever want to know, please just ask.

Here is this year’s brochure. It’s a bit of our story describing¬†how important Hospice was to our family.

(If these are too small to read, you can click on each one and it will get a little bigger. You can also increase the size in your browser by zooming in. Or let me know and I can email you a pdf.)

Light Up A Life Brochure-1
Light Up A Life Brochure-2

Just look at that sweet, kissable face. I miss him so, so much.

Light Up A Life Brochure-3

I’m going to keep talking. Thank you for listening.





sleeping beauties

Greg used to work an afternoon/evening shift and he’d get home around 10 p.m. He’d always miss bedtime with the girls. Every night when he came home, he’d go into each girl’s room to say goodnight. Sometimes, he had talked to Squirmy earlier in the day about what he was going to kiss. She usually wanted him to kiss her foot or her thumb. :) But he also¬†started taking pictures of a sleeping Squirmy as soon as it was okay with me (“GRRR…Don’t wake the baby!!!”). Squirmy is a deep sleeper but Squeaky wakes up easily so there aren’t as many pictures of her. Greg actually woke her up a couple times with the flash.


Squirmy in the crib

10-21-12 photos 005

Squeaky in the crib

9-22-12 photos 056

Princess Squirmy

1-26-13 photos 066

Squeaky clutching Jenny Doll’s hair

1-26-13 photos 064


I really like these. I think this is a tradition I’m going to need to continue.





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