I’m a stay-at-home mom of two sweet girls, Squirmy (5) and Squeaky (2-1/2). We’ve had a rough year. On February 24th, my husband Greg, (their Daddy) developed a stomach ache which revealed stage 4 lung cancer. He died holding my hand on May 26th.

So our lives have changed. Dramatically. We are now forced to live as well as we can, without him. It’s been tough. Really tough. But we’re still here and we still have each other.

It’s a daily mantra for me to DO RIGHT BY GREG and I know that he would want me to take this pain and make it into something. So here is me trying. I’m not sure what this will be about, exactly. But for now, it’ll beĀ an extension of our CaringBridge site which provided a wonderful outlet for us while going through a horribly painful time. I still need that kind of outlet, but this time it’s just me and the girls and we’re ready to move on to the healing bit.

Thanks for reading.


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