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365 reasons why i love you

12-25-11photos 067For Hanukkah in 2011, Squirmy, Squeaky and I gave Greg a jar filled with little pieces of paper filled with 365 reasons why we loved him.

I have never seen him so excited about a gift. He held onto that jar and carried it with him for days, like a little kid. It ended up on his nightstand and he would, for months and months, open up that jar in the morning while we snuggled in bed, to start reading. The girls would help him pick them out and he’d read each one out loud…well, not the x-rated ones! They would get so excited when one was from them.

I spent a lot of time on this long list. I thought about all the obvious reasons I loved Greg which was a long list but I was struggling to not repeat myself after 250 or something like that. Then I started thinking about the things that made him who he is, his quirks and even things that annoyed me about him! And it was ALL of these little things, rolled into one that made him HIM and acknowledging them to him was probably why this gift meant so much.

Here are some of my favorites (sorry, it got kind of long…at least I’m not making you read all 365!):

  • I love you because…you think that ‘getting up’ in the morning is having your eyes open. – Red
  • I love you because…not only do you NOT leave the toilet seat up, you even put the cover down.  – Red
  • I love you because…you do funny dances.  – Red
  • I love you because…you are good-hearted.  – Red
  • I love you because…you always make me laugh when I’m supposed to be mad at you!  – Red
  • I love you because… you don’t care what others think of you.  – Red
  • I love you because…you have a soothing voice. – Red
  • I love you because…you have a martial arts background and would beat someone up for me…if needed. – Red
  • I love you because…you don’t mind when your mother-in-law stays with us.  – Red
  • I love you because…you almost destroy clothing in order to get rid of a visible brand name.  – Red
  • I love you because…you never yell.  – Red
  • I love you because…if I don’t know where you are, you are most likely in bed or on the toilet!  – Red
  • I love you because…you think and act like Larry David…and you’re proud of it!  Sigh.  – Red
  • I love you because…you drive with the sunroof open even when it’s freezing outside! – Red
  • I love you because…you put your hand on my leg when we drive.  – Red
  • I love you because…you comfort our children. – Red
  • I love you because… when you have a chore to do, you go balls to the walls like you’re being timed.  – Red
  • I love you because…you like perfume only 1 squirt at at time…or less.  – Red
  • I love you because…you need to choose the perfect playlist for every, I mean EVERY task. – Red
  • I love you because…you yell goodbye and I love you and wave out your sunroof every day when you leave for work.  – Squirmy and Squeaky
  • I love you because…you throw pizza dough into the air.  – Squirmy
  • I love you because…you stood on your head in Squeaky’s room one time…a long, long time ago.  – Squirmy
  • I love you because… you draw silly faces on my check-in sheet at preschool.  – Squirmy
  • I love you because…you explain things to me. -Squirmy
  • I love you because…you wear your Uffington horse and robot shirts.  – Squirmy
  • I love you because…you don’t discount anything I say.  – Squirmy
  • I love you because…you put a sock on your nose like a nose.  – Squeaky and Squirmy
  • I love you because…you always have time for us. – Squirmy, Squeaky and Red

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe following year, Greg made a jar for me. I have our two jars next to each other and will keep them together. It’s another comforting reminder of what we shared.

I highly recommend doing this or something like it for someone you love. It takes a lot of thought, but it’s worth it. It’s worth it for the recipient but it will probably also help you remember the reasons you fell in love. It may even help you discover some things you truly love about that person that you may not have ever realized.




for the record

A few weeks ago, I received a summons to report for jury duty. Sigh. Why am I being called for jury duty for the first time NOW?  Well, I think I might know why.

I had to go through a little paperwork to be excused for jury duty this time. But in the process, I was put in touch with the jury clerk in Madison…someone I needed to talk to in order to get the following information…

Back up to spring of 2012…When Greg was summoned for jury duty, I remember he had a good time and was excited to tell me all about it. On some questionnaire he wrote out his age in days instead of years, which is SO Greg! I also remember a story he was very proud to tell me. The judge was asking questions during jury selection and Greg got something about ME put on the record. I have a horrible memory and that’s all I remember about it, but getting my own summons for jury duty brought it back up.

As I was making my case to be excused (I’m moving), I decided to ask the jury clerk if she could look into the records for me, to find anything from the day Greg was there.  I had JUST come across a paper with Greg’s jury pool number and ID on it about a month ago. She told me there is not usually a transcript routinely prepared unless there is a request for one or an appeal but that she would look into it. Twenty minutes later, she called me back and said that she talked to the court reporter and they both remembered Greg and this certain instance in the courtroom. AND SHE FOUND THE TRANSCRIPT. She said, “I’m folding it up right now and sending it to you.” And then I could hear her start to cry. She managed to get the words out, “It’s really nice.” And then I started crying. And then we were both sobbing and I hope she heard me say thank you about ten times before I finally hung up. I felt a little rude but it seemed silly to stay on the phone crying!

It turns out the part about me was what Greg had written on that form, my occupation. So here it is:

for the record_2

Just another example of what a sweetie Greg was. Thank you for this, Baby.

And thank you to the Dane County jury clerk, Maureen, for treating this as an important matter and finding it for me.




our wedding anniversary

Today would have been our seven year wedding anniversary. As I was getting ready for our wedding, I remember thinking to myself, “How can anyone have doubts on their wedding day?” And as it turns out, I don’t think I’ve ever been so sure about anything in my life.



What I loved the most about our time on this earth together is how much Greg absolutely adored me, and me, him. Our love for each other was never off balance – we were always pulling each other closer, equally. I am so thankful that he was here to show our girls what a pure, sincere and loving a relationship looks like…how men and women should treat each other. How, if a couple is a true team, they will never fail each other.

We packed a lifetime of love into almost seven years.

Happy Anniversary, Baby.





why kissing glue?

Welcome to my blog. A blog about me and my family. Why kissing glue?  When Greg and I were married in our front yard, there was a song that we chose as we walked in our front door and took a few moments to make-out (ha!) as a new, married couple. The song was “I’d Like That” by XTC, Greg’s absolute favorite band. It’s a lovely song. A line in the song that I’ve always liked sings,

“I’d smile so much my face would crack in two,
and you could fix it with your kissing glue.”

In the spirit of healing, what this blog is all about, a little kissing glue might help. That’s why kissing glue.




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