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an artist like her daddy

Last Sunday was a rainy day and we spent part of it watching a movie at Nana’s house. By 4 o’clock, we were back home and needed something to do so I told the girls that we should draw a picture of our favorite character from the movie. I’m not sure if Squirmy just didn’t remember what her favorite character looked like or just decided not to do that, but I love what she drew better than any character in any movie!  And she didn’t want me to see it until it was finished. :)

Earlier in the day, I had put my hood up on my sweatshirt to be silly. Plus, I had a high bun in my hair (Yes, I saw some college girls with their hair like that so I copied them!). And this is what Squirmy decided to draw.


There is so much I love about this drawing. For the record, I do not own any red high-heels but maybe I should – I look good in them! And all the black spots on my skin…my freckles and moles.  Thanks Squirmy….very accurate portrayal!DSCN2041

Squeaky’s picture? Well, she drew some mountains and then needed help drawing a castle. Then her eyes got big and she said, “I’m drawing crazy” and scribbled all over the entire thing. Yeah, she’s 2-1/2!




apple cider

Last Sunday, my mom and I took Squirmy and Squeaky to a friend’s house to make apple cider. When I was a little girl, I made apple cider in this same spot at Laurel’s house using this same press. :) We ended up picking some pears as well so we pressed those too.

It was a beautiful and chilly day and the sun was actually shining for a bit too. Here are a bunch of photos from the day!









DSCN1898Thank you to Laurel for taking the time to show us how it’s done, let us use your press and go crazy with your apple picker. This day made for a bunch of happy gals!




sleeping beauties

Greg used to work an afternoon/evening shift and he’d get home around 10 p.m. He’d always miss bedtime with the girls. Every night when he came home, he’d go into each girl’s room to say goodnight. Sometimes, he had talked to Squirmy earlier in the day about what he was going to kiss. She usually wanted him to kiss her foot or her thumb. :) But he also started taking pictures of a sleeping Squirmy as soon as it was okay with me (“GRRR…Don’t wake the baby!!!”). Squirmy is a deep sleeper but Squeaky wakes up easily so there aren’t as many pictures of her. Greg actually woke her up a couple times with the flash.


Squirmy in the crib

10-21-12 photos 005

Squeaky in the crib

9-22-12 photos 056

Princess Squirmy

1-26-13 photos 066

Squeaky clutching Jenny Doll’s hair

1-26-13 photos 064


I really like these. I think this is a tradition I’m going to need to continue.





kid photographers

I let the girls take pictures with my camera when we were out for a walk to the park this week. Up until now, I haven’t let them touch my camera (they have an old one they play with) but since there isn’t anybody else to take a picture with me in it, I figured it could be time.

Squirmy knows how to take a picture pretty well so she snapped this shot of me and the Squeak on her first try. Squeaky’s pretty happy but Mama’s hair is being pulled and is in pain – can you see it in my face?

DSCN1629 - Copy

Squeaky cut off Squirmy’s head a few times and needed a little coaching but when she got this one, she shrieked, “This one is great!” I agree.


We’re having a beautiful fall here and have been fortunate to have people help with the girls (and take them outside all afternoon – thanks Christine!) while I’m stuck in the house most of the time organizing and packing with more helpers (thanks Auntie Dawn and Uncle Wayne!).

We already pick up the keys to our apartment next week!

Happy Friday!





one last time!

We move at the end of this month (ZOINKS!!!!) and there are so many things we want to do while we’re still living here…one last time! Last week, we went to Ella’s Deli for dinner to have matzo ball soup and ride the carousel. We really haven’t been there many times so it’s not that nostalgic to us but the last time we were there, the girls discovered they love matzo ball soup. So it’s one restaurant they’ll be eating something other than mac-n-cheese, grilled cheese or chicken nuggets!  Plus, there’s the carousel!

We talked and slurped our soup (more slurping!) but mostly looked around at all the crazy things all over the ceiling and walls. Bart Simpson was ‘flying’ over our table while we ate and Betty Boop was swinging just behind us. That place is a trip.



In the past, Squeaky refused to ride a carousel horse (she would always sits on the bench for little tykes) but just as it started going, she screeched, “I want to ride on a horse!”. As she was climbing on, she told me, “I might be a little scared but I’m brave.” What a big girl! We were the only people on the carousel and when it was done, we all wanted to go AGAIN…so we did.



With all the work it takes to organize and coordinate and pack up to move,  it’s even fun for me to pack in all this fun stuff…one last time!





family drawings

My grandma had surgery about a week ago and weren’t able to visit so we decided to make pictures to send for her hospital room. It was the first time, since Greg died, that I had drawn a picture of our family. I first drew the three of us and it looked all wrong. I couldn’t just leave him out, he is still so much a part of our family. So, I stared at the paper for a minute and then decided to add him…in the sky. Squirmy said, “Make him laying on the clouds!” So I did. :) Squirmy chose to draw a hand holding a bouquet of flowers and Squeaky drew a rainbow with lots of ‘words’ on it.





Have a happy fall weekend.




a birthday morning idea

I’ve been really busy packing (our house sold!) so I didn’t have time for anything real thoughtful today but I found something I could show you. Okay? This is not an original idea, I found it on Pinterest awhile ago. But it was easy and fun for a birthday morning – a balloon avalanche!

Squirmy turned five last month and I wanted to do something for her when she woke up. So, I blew up balloons to put in her doorway so they would spill out when she opened the door in the morning. I held them inside her door frame by taping up a crepe paper “web”. I told her that there was going to be a surprise when she opened her door in the morning. And then I forgot to get balloons! So I dug through the house and this was every balloon we had. I had wanted to do more so it was dramatic but hey, it was still exciting…kind of. :)

Squirmy opens the door!

DSCN1304 - Copy

After she realized what had just happened, I told her she could run through the ‘ticker tape’ crepe paper while Squeaky and I cheered for her. That was her favorite part.

DSCN1305 - Copy

She is usually pretty mellow but I’m positive she felt like this on this inside! And she did tell lots of people about it that day.


So there you go, a fun idea to do for someone, big or small, on their birthday.




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