a sleepover

The move went well and we’re all settled into our new apartment. I’ll post some photos of it once we are back there…but TONIGHT (Sunday night) we’re having a sleepover at an empty Briar Lane. Even empty, it still feels like home.

We arrived back to the Briar Lane house and were locked out! The buyers did a ‘walk through’ last night and locked the garage door (which we never did) and I didn’t have a house key with me…oops! So, we called our realtor and she saved the day.

We ended up playing outside and made sure to grab our heart rock. It was from our wedding and has lived beneath one of the big oak trees in our backyard ever since.


The girls also got to play at a friend’s house while I cleaned up, broke down a few extra boxes and made a last run to Goodwill. We came back after a pizza dinner (thanks Christina and Ben!) to have our sleepover!

So far it’s gone pretty well although there were a few tears from a certain 2-1/2 year old, who is a little over-tired. Plus, I’ve been a little run down over the last week and gave myself a yucky cough so I had to move out of the room because I am ‘too coughy’ for the girls and they can’t get to sleep! :) So, the girls are now sleeping next to each other and mama’s mat is shoved in the corner. Sigh.


I really don’t want to be ‘too coughy’ on the buyers tomorrow at the closing so I’m going to try and get to sleep now too.

Nighty night and good morning.



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