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Would you like to see our new home? Well, come on in!

So far, we’ve all adjusted quite well. There’s something about being physically closer to one another that makes the move worth it and I’m happy we did it right away. To be honest, I haven’t thought much about our Briar Lane house since we moved. Is that bad of me? I like that I’m able to let go of a place, a thing, so easily. Because Greg is still with us and my babies are here with me and that is ALL that matters.

The Briar Lane house and yard was beautiful and I’m going to miss our time there with Greg but I really don’t miss it’s big-ness. (Yes, I know that isn’t a word.) Right now, small is where it’s at with this family!

Once we unpacked boxes, put Greg’s pictures up on the walls and made the beds, it became home fairly quickly.

So, here it is…

As you walk in the door, you enter this living room/desk area although it is quite open so you can see the dining area, part of the kitchen and down the hall from the front door.

living roomSo far, I sit at my desk at the computer and peek through the plant (like nobody can see me) to spy on what everyone is doing in the parking lot! I’m probably worse than all our little old lady neighbors. P.S. We love our little old lady neighbors!


Turn around and here is the entry. Thank you to my Dad for hanging all the hooks…actually, thank you to Dad and Uncle Wayne for hanging ALL the pictures in the place. Squeaky and Squirmy were both at school when I took these pictures otherwise there would be stuff strewn everywhere. I cleaned it up just for you!


Our dining area is tiny and we even jammed the girls’ kitchen set in the corner so they have that to play with or eat at when friends come over.


Here is the kitchen. Moving from a huge kitchen, I thought I’d feel crammed in here. There is a surprising amount of room and I think there is even one empty cupboard in there. Oooh. Aaah.


The girls room. Sharing a room has been great and they play nicely together. With the exception of the stuffed animals they sleep with, Greg and I never really let them have anything that is just ‘theirs’. They have always had to share so we really don’t have fights about toys or things. And there is no line down the middle of the room either. Although I guess that starts when they are older, right? Bedtime is getting better but it’s still new to be going to sleep with someone else in the room. Squeaky has had a harder time but she is still only two so I’ll cut her some slack!

Girls Bedroom

We have a little reading corner where we cuddle with a few books every night before bed. (Huge bleach splotches on the carpet. Hello apartment living!)

Girls Bedrom 2

Here’s my bedroom. I kind of love it. ¬†Off of the left side is a huge walk-in closet and to the right is my own bathroom. The girls can even be flopping on my bed right next to me while I get ready. That couldn’t have happened with the layout in our Briar Lane house.

mri Bedroom 1

Here’s a view from my closet, across the room is my bathroom and you can see all the way down the hall back to the entry.

mri Bedroom 2

And this is just opposite my bed. I tried to bring in as much seating as possible so when I’m ready to have crazy parties (my 98-year old neighbor downstairs won’t mind!), I’ll have enough seating!

mri Bedroom 3

So, there you go. Home sweet small home.



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  1. Christina 11/06/2013 at 7:23 am #

    Super cute, Mariah! I love it!!!!

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