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I met Greg when we worked together in Minnesota about 10 years ago. He lived in a house on Bliss Lane in Bloomington that he absolutely loved. It was a California-style ranch, I think. It had no basement and the walls stopped short of the ceiling so it was all open on the top. Greg was so proud of the space and used to love showing people this house.

The girls and I just got back from a 5-day road trip to the Twin Cities and River Falls, WI to see some great, old friends and great, old places. As I was pointing places out, “That’s where Daddy and I met and played basketball together on the roof of that building…That is where Daddy’s office was…This is where I used to live when I started dating your Daddy”…, Squeaky asks me, “Mama – why are you showing us all this stuff?”

Bliss Lane was one of the stops we made.

We pulled up to the house mid-morning on Thursday, behind the owner who just happened to be coming home at that exact time. He let us take some photos and invited us inside to see what had been done to the place since Greg had owned it. I guess he likes showing other people the house too. :)



I wish I could have had a moment to just take a deep breath and feel Greg in that house. But I was standing right next to this stranger (in HIS house!) and didn’t really want to break down right there so I scooted the girls out of there after a couple minutes. Greg would have loved to see this house again. I could just hear him say to me, “Good job, Red!”

So…my dear, little Squeaky…I know that these places don’t mean a lot to you now, that houses are just houses and buildings are just buildings. But this building, this restaurant, this basketball court and this house – especially this house – just might someday help you understand a little bit of who your wonderful Daddy was.

Until then, I’m showing you all this stuff…for me.



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  1. Amy O 04/14/2014 at 10:06 am #

    Hey girl, I check my email every day for your wonderful posts. Been looking for some time for the next one! So THAT’S where you’ve been. Awesome. You do make me cry, so poignant, well written, heart-ful. I want to send you my phone number, yet I do not know a private way to do that. Or someway of contact so we can sit down and visit together, this Thursday? or Friday? fb does not seem to secure, hmmmnnnn. Shared friend that has my number? Bank pres in Amherst has mine…….

    • Mariah 04/14/2014 at 11:27 am #

      Hi Amy – I’ll send you an email. :)

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