coffee table

Greg kept a lot of furniture from his childhood, furniture we still have. This glass coffee table was something that he loved. He would always tell stories about his older brother trapping him and his middle brother under it. And I think his middle brother even got his head stuck between the bars once too!

The girls loved the stories and one day, Greg told Squirmy she could go under there to play. Because the glass on this table is so heavy, it was only something the girls could do with Daddy. I’m just not strong enough to feel comfortable lifting it up without it slipping and hurting someone. But because they could only do this with Daddy, it made it that much more special.


8-20-12 photos 013

This coffee table is still in our living room. I think the girls have almost forgotten about playing under it. The few times they’ve asked since Greg died, there hasn’t been anyone around to help lift it.

I’m hoping that one day they’ll tell their own kids stories of how fun their Daddy was and with this table from his childhood, they can show their kids why.



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