cookie day 2013

Every year, I host a cookie exchange/crazy baking fest at the beginning of December. This year was something like my 11th year doing it! I started this tradition in my apartment in Plymouth, Minnesota where I lived with a boyfriend at the time. Hmmm, I’m hoping it was longer than 11 years ago. I’d much rather say that it’s been 15 years since I’ve been in that relationship because it’s a little embarrassing to look back on. Do you ever find yourself thankful that another year has gone by since you’ve made a mistake or done something that you’re not that proud of. Then, you can add that year to how much more mature you are, how much you’ve grown and how you were so silly back then and would never do anything like that now!? Ha. Ah well, it is what it is!

Anyway, last week I held my annual cookie day in my new hometown with some new faces. I love having get-togethers like this where friends from different phases of my life come together. And what a good feeling it is to be able to just pick up here – to throw a party in a new town and have friends show up!  To me, it’s such a simple yet completely meaningful act to just show up for a friend. So, thank you to everyone who could come!

Since my apartment is too small to do mass quantity baking in, I decided to just have the exchange. I did have everyone make a felt ornament (see Wednesday’s post) but that was all we had to do this year besides having a few drinks and laughing so loud I thought we’d get a knock on the door from an angry neighbor!



What kind of  holiday parties do you have? Ugly sweater parties? Caroling parties? Fancy cocktail parties? Not-so-fancy cocktail parties?  …and can I come? :)



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  1. Jenny 12/13/2013 at 12:14 pm #

    It looks like you had great fun. And a few mamas that I know too. I hope I can come next year!

    • Mariah 12/13/2013 at 1:08 pm #

      Yeah, I hope you can make it next year too!

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