leaving this home

It’s here. Tomorrow, the big moving trucks come to whisk away our things to our new home. We sure are going to miss this house and the beautiful land around it.


The front view of the house.

We moved here before Greg and I were married so this house has been with us through a lot; Greg asked me to marry him in the backyard, we had our wedding in the front yard, started life as a family with the birth of both girls, lots of dinners inside and parties out in the yard, years of just being us, and then Greg’s cancer and death.


This was the view of our wedding ceremony from our bedroom window.


The backyard, our wedding reception.

This house has been like another family member, one that holds us in, keeps us warm and helps us feel safe.


A snowstorm in 2008.

We tried to sell this house on and off for 4 years. I think maybe we knew we were still going to need it and just couldn’t really let it go, until now.


The back view of the house.

We will miss this house and all the good and bad times we got through here, together. We’re leaving a little piece of Greg here and that feels right, that a bit of our family will always be here.

Goodbye Briar Lane.



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