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Every year, Agrace Hospice highlights a family in their end of year campaign. This year, they asked me to share our story and I said yes. As sad as it is, I love our story. Because it is ours and it says so much about us. Every time I talk about it, it gets easier. I think it’s silly when people tell me it must be so hard to talk about our experience or about Greg. No, it’s not hard. It’s exactly what I need. So to anyone who will listen, I will talk. If you ever want to know, please just ask.

Here is this year’s brochure. It’s a bit of our story describing how important Hospice was to our family.

(If these are too small to read, you can click on each one and it will get a little bigger. You can also increase the size in your browser by zooming in. Or let me know and I can email you a pdf.)

Light Up A Life Brochure-1
Light Up A Life Brochure-2

Just look at that sweet, kissable face. I miss him so, so much.

Light Up A Life Brochure-3

I’m going to keep talking. Thank you for listening.




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