the happy wanderers

One thing we didn’t do enough of when we lived in Sun Prairie was to go hiking. Where were the hiking paths? I don’t think I looked into it enough. We did, however, live on a very nice dead-end road and we loved to go walking around the loop, saying hi to our neighbors and the friendly screech owl who lived in that hollow tree. And I was always excited (jump up and down excited!) to see wood ducks perched high in the treetops.

I feel better when I’m outside. Things are clear and uncomplicated. And now just seeing that big sky and taking a moment to look up, helps me feel closer to Greg. And maybe closer to my roots too. Plus, is there anything better than being out in nature with your kiddos? I don’t really think so.

Last week, the girls and I went for a hike at a nearby county park/bike (horse?) path that runs along old railroad tracks. (This was BEFORE deer hunting season started. Run for your lives, deer!  Just kidding…kind of. :)



Squirmy was so impressed that when we sang, the time passed more quickly and all of the sudden, we were much further than she thought! And we sang the first verse of The Happy Wanderer (because it was the only verse I knew of until now!) over and over and over. Except instead of singing, “My knapsack on my back”, we sang, “My Squeaky on my back” since she was a little tired that afternoon so she was riding in our Ergo backpack most of the time.

The Happy Wanderer

I love to go a-wandering,
Along the mountain track,
And as I go, I love to sing,
My knapsack on my back.

My knapsack on my back.

I love to wander by the stream
That dances in the sun,
So joyously it calls to me,
“Come! Join my happy song!”

I wave my hat to all I meet,
And they wave back to me,
And blackbirds call so loud and sweet
From ev’ry green wood tree.

High overhead, the skylarks wing,
They never rest at home
But just like me, they love to sing,
As o’er the world we roam.

Oh, may I go a-wandering
Until the day I die!
Oh, may I always laugh and sing,
Beneath God’s clear blue sky!




We also laughed so hard we were crying because Squeaky was wearing some pants that were too big for her in the waist so when she ran, they would slide down to her knees and she’d lift up her jacket to moon us! I think she almost fell over she was laughing so hard. :)

Even though I grew up around here and know of a few places, I would love to hear about your favorite places to hike (in the Central Wisconsin area) so we can check them out too.



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