This weekend we spent a night visiting Greg’s family in Illinois to celebrate Chanukah. A few minutes after walking in the door, my sister-in-law asked me what I’d like to drink and listed off a ginger mixed drink as an option. Then, she handed me a glass of deliciousness. I don’t usually have mixed drinks (especially a bourbon mixed drink!) and probably would have passed on it for a glass of wine had it not been for the ginger. I felt a need to try it…for Greg.

Greg loved ginger. He gobbled up those sushi ginger slices. He nibbled on candied ginger for dessert. He juiced a chunk of fresh ginger every morning in is fruit/veggie juice. He added fresh chopped ginger to his famous chili. He even liked girls with ginger hair. Tee hee.

I will be serving this gingery drink all holiday season!

3/4 C light apple juice (low sugar)
1/3 C honey bourbon (Jim Beam)
2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
1 tsp sliced fresh ginger (muddled)

Thanks for the recipe, J!

Greg would have loved this drink too, but I’m guessing he would have added more ginger.




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