what NOT to be for halloween

I’m not a person who gets into Halloween and I’m not sure why. When I’ve taken the time to put together a costume, I have a great time. For some reason, it always seems to sneak up on me and then I’m not prepared so I just don’t dress up.

One year, I was going to meet some high school friends for Halloween and they were all going to be dressed up. I was complaining to Greg one night that I just didn’t have any good ideas and I started listing off things in the living room that I could be. When I said, “I could be a lamp!”, I believed myself. And I did it.

This was the best and worst costume. It was really funny and I loved the reaction when I walked into a room and people would just crack up. I even felt a little clever in it (you can’t see the flashlights taped to the inside so in the dark, I actually glowed!) that I would be the person to actually slap a lampshade on my head and just be a lamp! BUT…it was the loneliest costume ever! I had two little eye holes cut out but the lampshade would shift a little so I could hardly see and was always adjusting it. And I couldn’t hear anything! And nobody could hear anything I said. So I pretty much just sat in a corner. Like a lamp. Now I feel sorry for lamps.

Picture 072

So, the lesson of this story is..don’t be a lamp. I trust you to think of a better costume than I could.




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