squeaky is 3!

Our sweet little Squeaky nugget is THREE today!

DSCN2260I went into false labor with Squeaky on January 3rd, both my parents drove down and then they had to drive home when my contractions stopped. But two days later, the contractions started again and the next morning, she was born. When Squeaky was about to come out, the doctor saw that she was posterior and wanted me to wait but that was NOT happening. The next push and Squeaky literally did a corkscrew somersault into the world. And nobody’s been able to stop her since!

1.12.11 photos 022---- 4x6

Greg loved her dark hair and thought the way she came into the world meant that she was going to do something very special in this life. He thought that her and her sister were going to take on the world. He was so proud to be their Daddy. We were both proud of ourselves (and even surprised!) that together we made such wonderful, innocent and sweet little people.


DSCN0876Squirmy couldn’t stop touching Squeaky and holding her when they first met at the hospital. As soon as someone else would hold her, Squirmy would say, “Can I hold my sister now?” Come to think of it, she still loves carrying Squeaky around. She takes care of Squeaky when she’s sad and if they are playing with other kids, Squirmy waits for Squeaky to catch up and comes back to hold her hand.


And when I hold her now, I sometimes tuck her legs up and imagine she’s still in my tummy. My baby.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl.




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  1. Amy O 01/06/2014 at 10:03 am #

    What a beauty! Happy birthday darling girl

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