a birthday morning idea

I’ve been really busy packing (our house sold!) so I didn’t have time for anything real thoughtful today but I found something I could show you. Okay? This is not an original idea, I found it on Pinterest awhile ago. But it was easy and fun for a birthday morning – a balloon avalanche!

Squirmy turned five last month and I wanted to do something for her when she woke up. So, I blew up balloons to put in her doorway so they would spill out when she opened the door in the morning. I held them inside her door frame by taping up a crepe paper “web”. I told her that there was going to be a surprise when she opened her door in the morning. And then I forgot to get balloons! So I dug through the house and this was every balloon we had. I had wanted to do more so it was dramatic but hey, it was still exciting…kind of. :)

Squirmy opens the door!

DSCN1304 - Copy

After she realized what had just happened, I told her she could run through the ‘ticker tape’ crepe paper while Squeaky and I cheered for her. That was her favorite part.

DSCN1305 - Copy

She is usually pretty mellow but I’m positive she felt like this on this inside! And she did tell lots of people about it that day.


So there you go, a fun idea to do for someone, big or small, on their birthday.



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