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I let the girls take pictures with my camera when we were out for a walk to the park this week. Up until now, I haven’t let them touch my camera (they have an old one they play with) but since there isn’t anybody else to take a picture with me in it, I figured it could be time.

Squirmy knows how to take a picture pretty well so she snapped this shot of me and the Squeak on her first try. Squeaky’s pretty happy but Mama’s hair is being pulled and is in pain – can you see it in my face?

DSCN1629 - Copy

Squeaky cut off Squirmy’s head a few times and needed a little coaching but when she got this one, she shrieked, “This one is great!” I agree.


We’re having a beautiful fall here and have been fortunate to have people help with the girls (and take them outside all afternoon – thanks Christine!) while I’m stuck in the house most of the time organizing and packing with more helpers (thanks Auntie Dawn and Uncle Wayne!).

We already pick up the keys to our apartment next week!

Happy Friday!




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