color block candles

When we lived down by Madison, I was a part of a craft group. We’d get together once a month to make something that the host would prepare for us to do together. We made great things like shower caps, cake stands, teacup candles, canned veggies and fabric travel shoe bags. Plus, it was a great mix of ladies and we had a ton of fun seeing each other.

I decided to try and start a craft group in my new town. It’s slowly taking off since it’s hard to find time every month to get together. Everyone is just so busy. I’m hoping we get into a good groove with it.

Anyway, I chose to make color block candles when I had people over to my apartment in January.


We followed the step-by-step tutorial HERE¬†using soy wax and crayons.¬†The candles turned out really sweet although it took a long time for the wax to dry (and lots of microwaving!) and I only did one of the tilted method because I didn’t have a great place to prop them (although that’s my favorite one!). The rest I just did in straight up stripes which was much easier but I don’t like the look as much. I had a lot of wax to use so I kept making them even after my guests left.

DSCN2612And I still have a lot of wax left so I think my next craft will also be some sort of candle! Maybe I’ll have to make THESE again, from Martha.

teacup candles

Happy candle crafting!




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  1. Jenny 03/06/2014 at 7:25 am #

    Your candles are beautiful!

  2. Auntie MK 03/06/2014 at 11:17 pm #

    Cute! Try paper egg cartons for tipping.

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