three ornaments YOU can make

I really want to have the patience to do step-by-step instructions for things I’ve made, but I don’t. Plus, I usually just use someone else’s idea and they’ve already created a beautiful tutorial. Here is my attempt to show you how to make three very different ornaments.

First Ornament: Popsicle Stick Snowpeople

Last year, the girls and I made these snowpeople out of popsicle sticks, buttons, ribbon and felt. Here are my instructions to you: look at the picture and make some. Hee hee. I’m trying to think if there was anything I want to mention but I did use a glue gun for these. I don’t remember what kind of paint I used. And I used some fatter popsicle sticks for the moms and dads and some smaller ones for the kiddos because that’s what we had at the time.

The girls have to arrange them on the tree together in couples and families so they won’t be lonely. :)



Second Ornament: Nail Polish Glass Ornament

This one is really easy but it is stinky. I can’t stress enough to do this in a well-ventilated area. We did these with the windows open in the apartment, stuck them outside to dry and took off to let the apartment air out.

First, you’ll need some helpers…


Then, you’ll need some clear glass ornaments and old nail polish…


Take the metal hardware out of the ornament. Pour a little nail polish in and swoosh it around. Repeat with one or two more colors. Glitter nail polish looks great. Tip it over to dry and leave it somewhere where nobody will have to breathe the toxic air until they are good and dry…this may take several days to get rid of the smell. As you can see, I just chucked them out the back door of our apartment building. :)


Replace the hardware, tie on a ribbon or string and hang in your tree. Ooh and aaah that YOU made something so simple and clever.


Ornament Three: Felt Ornament

Each year, I have a cookie exchange party where we exchange cookies and we make and decorate a bazillion sugar cookies as well. This year, I just didn’t have the room in my apartment for baking so I nixed that part. But I had to do something else – I couldn’t just let these ladies sit around drinking cocktails and chatting! So I put them to work making themselves an ornament…while drinking cocktails and chatting!


Here is a tutorial for this one. Yes, hers is much prettier than the one I made. Mine looks shaggy. I will now go and give it a haircut.

Your tree wants you to make it something. Go do it and make an extra for a friend.



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