When I was little I always thought that someday I’d hop on an empty train car like a hobo. I heard a news story about people who did this as a hobby – a vacation – and I thought that was awesome. Do you remember the movie, The Journey of Natty Gann? I loved it and thought it looked like a great adventure. Plus, I’ve always wanted to befriend a wolf. I forgot that John Cusack was in it too.

The Canadian National railroad line goes right through our new town. I have never lived in a place where I saw trains so often. I think they are beautiful and watching this huge metal beast just glide right by is mesmerizing. I love to see the train coming through town.


Because there are no railroad crossings, the train doesn’t need to blow it’s whistle here so all you hear is the low rumble as it passes through. At first it bothered me to hear it at home but it’s already a comforting sound.

DSCN2340Squeaky’s daycare is just one house away from the railroad tracks so we always stop to watch if it comes through at drop-off or pick-up.





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